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This page is for all the sketches that I did over the years. It could be either rough drafts, work-in progress, scrapped ideas, or unfinished projects that I either stopped and work on better ones or not interested in it anymore.

Human x Octopus: A True Love Story

This is a rough draft of an idea I had back when I was in college. I was trying to figure out how does an octopus represents love, and I produced this. This was based on "The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo and the concept was used as a parody, turning it into something radical.

KIC Document 121024_2.png

An Interesting Reunion

I've started to notice that people are starting to forget Sally Acorn right after the Archie series ended and the IDW series began, so I wanted to make a comic that is based around her and her descending to become lost media.

KIC Document 121024_6.png

Lanolin Doodles

This page is the first time I ever drawn Lanolin from the Sonic IDW comics. I really like the soft and fluffy sheep and how she uses her expressions more than other characters. Plus, her role is much bigger than any other background character, so that's surprising.

KIC Document 121024_5.png
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